How To Turn a 1-Bedroom Into a 2-Bedroom

Interestingly, my most viewed film (at the time of writing) is a stop motion DIY project video I put together with (my then roommate) filmmaker Kryshan Randel.

We have received many comments asking to see the room as a whole, the room from the other side, etc. Unfortunately we don’t have that footage. However, the image at the bottom of this page shows a schematic of what we added, for those many people asking about the project. The area in blue is what we added to create the second bedroom area.

The building was 1323 Homer Street (Pacific Point II) in Vancouver, BC, Canada. As it turns out, we got evicted. But not because of our project! The building got sold and all tenants were evicted under “landlord’s use of property” rules; the new owners had an agenda to convert the entire building from rental units to hi-end individually sold condos. The new places there now are really fancy!  Interestingly, the new owners inspected our work. We initially thought it was because we were in trouble. As it turns out, it was for inspiration! They saw dollar signs. When they eventually converted the units, they turned these large one-bedroom units into two-bedroom suites (though the wall they added was on the other side of the living room space, beside the other original bedroom).

Imitation and flattery, I suppose…

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