Film / TV Acting

Andy Thompson – IMDB page.


IMPASTOR: “My Little Brother’s Little Brother’s Keeper” – Fred Goss/CBS
HEARTS OF SPRING – Marita Grabiak/Hallmark
SECOND CHANCE: “Palimpsest” – Sarah Pia Anderson/FOX
LITTLE PINK HOUSE – Courtney Balaker/Brightlight Pictures
THE BFG – Steven Spielberg/Disney
CONTINUUM: “Minute To Win It” – Pat Williams/Showcase
ARROW: “Broken Dolls” – Glen Winter/CW
SUPERNATURAL: “Everybody Hates Hitler” – Phil Sgriccia/Warner Bros.

CRUEL & UNUSUAL – Merlin Dervisevic/Cruel & Unusual Productions Inc.
FRINGE: “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11” – Jeannot Szwarc/FOX
SAVING MRS. CLAUS – Mark Jean/Brightlight
LEVEL UP: “Dante and Angie’s Mascot Skating Video” – Cartoon Network
TRUE JUSTICE: “Dead Drop” – Keoni Waxman/ReelzChannel
THE PROVIDER (short) – Brianne Nord-Stewart/Random Acts Entertainment
FRINGE: “6955 kHz” – Joe Chappelle/FOX
STUPID CHAINSAW TRICKS (short) – Kellie Ann Benz/Shocking Buckwheat
DIAL ‘A’ FOR ALPHAMAN (short) – Mike Jackson/Steam Powered Films
ROAD MOVIE (short) – Steven Haworth/Side Road Productions
HEADSHOT (short) – Drew McCreadie/Strange In The Head Prod.
THROWN (short) – Drew McCreadie/Lazy Films
THE VALET – Drew McCreadie/Strange In The Head Prod.
THE COLLECTOR: “The Tour Guide” – JB Sugar/CHUM Network
MASTERS OF HORROR: “Deer Woman” – John Landis/Showtime
THE X-FILES: “Tunguska” – Kim Manners/Xfiles Productions
STARGATE SG1: “Citizen Joe” – Andy Mikita/MGM & The Sci-Fi Channel
THE LONG WEEKEND – Pat Holden/Brightlight Pictures
THE DELICATE ART OF PARKING – Trent Carlson/Anagram Pictures
UC: UNDERCOVER: “Teddy C” – Jeff Woolnough/Twentieth Century Fox
WOLF LAKE: “Leader of the Pack” – James Head/Paramount/Viacom
JUST DEAL: “Women’s Work” – Bill Gereghty/NBC
THE WEDDING DRESS – Sam Pillsbury/Wedding Dress Productions
NIGHT VISIONS: “After Life”- Jefery Levy/Warner Bros./FOX
BEYOND BELIEF: “The Wreath” – Steven Anker/FOX
FREEDOM: “Return” – Paul Abascal/Warner Brothers/UPN
SO WEIRD (2 episodes) – Isabelle Fox/Michael Kennedy/Disney
NEW ADDAMS FAMILY: “Catastrophia’s Career” – Richard Martin/AFS Productions
THE HUNTED – Stuart Cooper/New City Productions
DAINGERFIELD (pilot) – Jason Bourque/Gold Star Productions
TANTRIC LOGIC (short) – Peter Nadler/Nadman Films
AGENT CODY BANKS – Harald Zwart/Cub Six Productions
DEAD LIKE ME – Kevin Dowling/Showtime
A GUY THING – Chris Koch/Cub Four Productions