The Provider


In a small town in 1940’s America, the local doctor’s home would be the safest place to seek refuge. Or is it? This alternate history short imagines a world after Japan retaliates over Hiroshima with biological warfare. The Provider is the story of Mr. Connor, an injured man who discovers not only that the doctor is “out”, but also that his wife is taking desperate measures to feed her family. Directed by Leo Award-winning filmmaker Brianne Nord-Stewart, the film stars venerable Canadian actress Gabrielle Rose in a stellar turn as Mrs. Applebee and Andy Thompson as Mr. Connor.  Featuring John R. Taylor as Dr. Applebee and introducing newcomers Benjamin Elliott as Junior and Natalie Kardum as Dorothy. This stellar cast and crew is rounded out by Leo Award winning cinematographer Amy Belling.

Written, shot and edited in 48-hours for the 2010 Bloodshots Canada 48 Hour Filmmaking Competition. Created around an inspiration package. Horror sub-genre: post-apocalyptic. Weapon: box cutters. Surprise element: a white cat. Line of dialogue: “I thought I saw something in the mirror.”


2011 Vancouver International Film Festival – screening
2011 Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival – screening
2011 Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Corner – Coup de Coeur distinction & screening
2010 Grand Prize – Overall Best Film, Bloodshots Canada 48 Hour Filmmaking Competition